vishnu shankar reviews lasik eye surgery

Vishnu Shankar talks about his LASIK Eye surgery experience

Vishnu Shankar talks about his LASIK eye surgery experience at AVC.

He is a keen runner and wanted to run without the need of prescription glasses. He also adds that he had aesthetic reasons to undergo laser eye surgery.

He chose AVC for his vision correction journey firstly because Advanced Vision Care is well regarded as THE specialist Laser Eye Surgery clinic in Harley Street, London. And secondly from his initial consultation, Dr CT PIllai the laser eye surgeon and his team made him fell very comfortable with the concept of LASIK eye surgery. He was really impressed with the skills of the AVC team as a whole.

He felt he was in safe hands throughout the process and, in his own words, “LASIK has been absolutely PERFECT”.

On the actual surgery day he was nervous, though he found that his surgery was incredibly quick and painless. He was back home the same day and back to work within three days of his treatment. Aftercare has been really great at AVC: his progress has been closely monitored, he has had various post surgery checks after a few days and months and then the final sign off to perfect vision.

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