Non laser Eye Treatments

Not everyone’s eyes are suitable for laser eye surgery but that doesn’t mean you can’t have permanent vision correction. At AVC we offer a range of specialist non laser eye treatments that are becomingly increasingly popular choices for those with astigmatism, irregular corneas or age-related presbyopia. Find out which procedure can restore your eyesight to youthful clarity:

AVC’s Non Laser Eye Treatments

  • Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) – The most popular intraocular lens alternative for those who are unsuitable for laser – we perform more ICL procedures than any other eye clinic.
  • Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) – Delivers outstanding visual results for patients aged 45 and over and eliminates the possibility of developing cataracts in later life.
  • Cataract Surgery – What is a cataract?
    A cataract is the loss in transparency of the natural lens in the eye; usually as part of the normal aging process.
  • Keratoconus, Cross-linking & INTACS – The most advanced treatments available to halt or reverse the progression of keratoconus.
  • Piggy-back Intraocular Lens Exchange – A ground-breaking treatment for extreme prescriptions and complex visual problems

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