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What is LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

Lasik stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis and is the most commonly performed type of laser vision correction in the world. LASIK Laser Eye Surgery is proven to be safe and effective; it is rapidly becoming a first choice for correcting sight. Advanced Wavefront Lasik treatment is completely blade free unlike the traditional methods and, consequently, has a quick recovery time.

The laser eye surgery procedure is carried out using two extremely precise types of lasers. A micro-thin flap is created in the cornea using the highly specific Intralase laser, and an Excimer Laser is then used to reshape the cornea to correct the prescription. Advanced Wavefront Lasik is able to treat a wide variety of prescriptions – long sight, short sight and astigmatisms.

AVC’s expertise in laser vision correction is world renowned and we have a reputation for successfully treating higher and more complex prescriptions, often treating those found unsuitable by other clinics. We are able to treat prescriptions up to:

-10 DS (Short sighted) +5 DS (Long sighted) -5 DC (Astigmatism)

100% of AVC’s patients achieve driving standard vision and 99% achieve 20/20 or better.

  • Dr Pillai is a pioneering surgeon and was one of the first surgeons in the UK to perform bilateral Lasik (both eyes treated on the same day)
  • AVC only offers the gold standard in Laser surgery.
  • Lasik was FDA approved in 1999.
  • Blade free and pain free procedure.
  • AVC’s laser surgeon is a world renowned refractive specialist.
  • Only two visits are needed to the AVC clinic and check-ups can be conducted locally.
  • AVC has the only transparent Laser theatre in Europe which is used for teaching and for families to watch treatment.
  • Bespoke personalised treatment plans for each eye.
  • AVC’s surgeon will be present at every consultation and throughout the entire patients’ journey.
  • 100% of our patients’ achieve driving standard vision.

Advantages of Intralase Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

  • Safety – Fewer flap complications.
  • Computer controlled precision providing superb accuracy.
  • Proven faster visual recovery.
  • Enhanced flap stability – Three times more compared with LASEK.
  • Enhanced flap healing – Increased flap adhesion post-operatively.
  • Reduced dry eye symptoms.
  • No heat is produced and no damage to the surrounding corneal tissue.

AVC are leading providers in Lasik laser eye surgery, not only due to our state of the art technology but mainly due to Dr CT Pillai, a pioneering surgeon that is highly sought after in the field of vision correction. Finding the right surgeon is key to ensuring that you receive the best treatment possible. Being in the hands of an expert surgeon will minimise any risks and ensure that the very best quality of vision is achieved. For these reasons and many more, AVC is increasingly the eye clinic of choice for vision correction for patients across the globe.

LASIK Development

So, just how was LASIK invented? Below is a must-watch inspirational video on the development of the LASIK procedure. It also compares LASIk to other, lesser procedures available at the time which tool months to correct your vision.

Rangaswamy Srinivasan, the inventor of the LASIK procedure and an alumni of AVC’s medical director Dr CT Pillai, explains the safety and high degree of precision offered by Laser Eye Surgery.

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