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What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries in the world, with over 40 million people having been treated so far. It uses laser technology to correct your vision. It is a wonderful option for people who desire a reduction in dependence on glasses or contact lenses. For both personal and professional reasons, more and more patients are choosing to have Laser Eye Surgery as it allows them to more freely pursue their hobbies, sports activities or career options – without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses! It is a safe procedure, and very successful when patients take the time to educate themselves and diligently search for a qualified and skilled surgeon. Here at AVC, we only have the best. Our medical director, Dr CT Pillai is a refractive specialist with over 25 years’ experience as an ophthalmic surgeon. Dr CT Pillai has remained at the forefront of development and research, always ensuring that his patients benefit from the latest and best technological advances.

NEW TO AVC – Bausch & Lomb Tecnolas Teneo 317 Laser – the fastest and newest laser available

Laser Eye Surgery can treat long-sightedness, short-sightedness and astigmatism by reshaping the cornea at the front of your eye to correct visual defects and imperfections. It is a safe and convenient way to avoid the pitfalls associated with contact lens wear, such as dry and itchy eyes, as well more serious complications associated with overuse of contact lenses such as infections and severe sight loss caused by wearing contacts in water.

100% of AVC patients achieve driving standard and 99% of patients achieve 20/20 vision following laser eye surgery with us.

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laser eye surgery

A cool beam laser applied to the cornea to correct your vision permanently. It does not prevent presbyopia, which is a natural ageing process that results in the need for reading glasses over the age of 45.

There are two forms of Laser treatment that are offered at AVC:

Over the years there have been multiple studies on laser treatment regarding its safety and effectiveness. Both LASIK and LASEK are FDA approved, and both provide the same incredible results. Most patients find that they are suitable for LASIK but some find they are better suited to LASEK treatment.

We understand the decision to have treatment can be an intimidating experience, and at Advanced Vision Care you, the patient are at the heart of every treatment – as our many laser eye surgery reviews confirms.

We are an independent clinic and we see patients as individuals, and are driven by quality and not quantity. We endeavour to achieve the highest attainable vision for each patient. This is achieved by Dr C T Pillai personally tailoring your treatment for you wherever possible. His wealth of knowledge, expertise and reputation attracts the most complex cases that other surgeons are unable to treat.

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  • AVC has the fastest laser available on the market – typical treatment takes 3-4sec.
  • Over 40 million people already treated worldwide.
  • We only provide treatments which have undergone trials and do not offer experimental procedures.
  • Iris recognition feature of laser is 1000x more accurate than a fingerprint.
  • Only transparent theatre in Europe, allowing for families to watch treatment.
  • Laser treatment has been approved by the FDA.
  • All treatments are individually tailored to your personal needs.
  • Dr Pillai was one of the first surgeons in the UK to perform bilateral (both eyes treated on the same day) Lasik treatment.
  • Transparent pricing – you pay the same price regardless of how complex your prescription is.

Your 3 Step Personal Treatment Plan

Our 5 star treatment is all about what is best for you


Step 1: Your Consultation

At your detailed consultation, we will carry out a thorough range of tests on your eyes to find out if you are suitable and to design the very best treatment plan.


Step 2: Your Surgery

With AVC’s world renowned laser eye surgeons and state of the art technology, you are guaranteed to experience surgery that is second to none.


Step 3: 1 Year Aftercare

Our commitment to excellence means that AVC guarantees you a 1 Year Commitment of Care that starts the day after your surgery is completed.

Why choose Advanced Vision Care?

  • UK’s leading independent vision correction clinic based in Harley Street.
  • First and only clinic in Europe to have a transparent theatre, used for purposes of training and for loved ones to watch treatment.
  • AVC’s Medical Director and laser surgeon is a refractive specialist with over 25 years of experience as an ophthalmic surgeon.
  • Gold standard in laser treatment, using only the safest and most advanced technology to provide outstanding results, constantly surpassing expectations.
  • Truly bespoke treatment plans individually designed for each eye of every patient.
  • AVC only offer treatments that have undergone thorough clinical trials and rigorous studies; we do not offer experimental treatments.
  • If a patient is found unsuitable for laser treatment, alternative treatments can be offered to correct the prescription.
  • All appointments from the consultation to treatment and aftercare can be performed at the AVC clinic on Harley Street.
  • The largest independent optometrist network in the country, meaning patients can have treatment at the Harley Street clinic and enjoy incredible aftercare at a more convenient location.
  • Independent clinic surgeon lead clinic, driven by results and patient satisfaction.

What Our Patients Say

Private Insurance

Now more people than ever can have the world class treatment with Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street. Our pricing is not only transparent but we have ensured that there are several ways to fund treatment so that no one has to compromise in quality of care, standards or technology. At AVC we offer interest free finance plans to help spread the cost and we have partnered with the UK’s leading insurance providers to make Harley Street quality available for more people.

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