Piggy-back Intraocular Lens Exchange facts

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Piggy-back Lens Exchange treatment is used for complicated prescriptions where a single lens implant alone is not enough to correct vision. A tailor-made combination of implants is created in these cases. It is also used for patients with abnormal corneas.

This would be determined at your initial consultation where you would undergo an extensive examination.

The first implant replaces your natural lens as explained in the CLE FAQs. The second implant is then placed in the posterior sulcus (behind the coloured part of the eye). The second lens could be an ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) or IOL (Intraocular Lens).

Yes, this is possible depending on the nature of the lenses implanted.

No, this is an extremely intricate procedure that requires exceptional surgical skill. AVC is fortunate to have world-renowned specialist surgeons on its medical team who are highly experienced in this field. AVC has carried out many successful Piggy-back Lens Exchange procedures.