LASEK Eye Surgery questions

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LASEK laser eye surgery (Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis) is a form of laser eye treatment used for that minority of patients who are found to be unsuitable for LASIK eye surgery, usually due to corneal thickness.

The epithelium is treated with a special alcohol solution to create a thin flap. The laser (similar to that used in LASIK) treats the underlying stroma and then the surgeon repositions the top layer. The predecessor to LASEK laser eye surgery was PRK which is not used any more due to the pain and discomfort associated with it and the poorer visual outcomes.

LASEK laser eye surgery is able to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

LASEK eye surgery at AVC costs £2,150 per eye plus £125 for the initial consultation.

No, there is no pain during treatment as the eye is numbed using anaesthetic eye drops. Following treatment, there is dryness and sensitivity associated with LASEK laser eye surgery, but this settles quickly over the first few days after treatment.

LASEK eye surgery is not usually covered by insurance policies, as it tends to be an elective procedure. In certain circumstances though, some insurance companies may pay for treatment, such as if you are physically not able to wear glasses or contact lenses or : where the refractive error is the result of an injury. Check with your insurance provider regarding their coverage of LASEK eye surgery.

No. LASEK laser eye surgery is carried out by the same eye surgeon using the same laser and advanced Wavefront Nomogram as LASIK, so the visual outcome is the same. The main difference is that LASEK eye treatment has a slightly longer healing time compared with LASIK. As specialists in this field, AVC eye clinic on Harley Street is able to offer all techniques and will advise you on which is the most suitable for you personally.

This only happens in cases of aggressive healing, which cannot be predicted. The eye surgeons at AVC are highly experienced in this field and so in the unlikely event that it was to happen, they are able to successfully treat haze with a simple application of special eye drops.

The recovery time after LASEK eye surgery varies, as everyone heals at a different rate. Initial recovery from the surgery will usually take 24-48 hours providing you carefully follow the surgeons instructions.