Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

Though we generally tend to watch out for signs of health deterioration, our eyes are one part of the body we tend to neglect.  Our teeth, hearts, blood, and various other bits and pieces are often checked over at least once per year.  Few of us test our eyes unless there is a perceptible problem.  And this is risky.
So here are some tips to maintaining our eye health:

Regular Eye Examinations

Having a regular eye examination can help prevent a range of symptoms.  This is not just what we think of as eye related conditions.  Diabetes can be detected and treated before it becomes a serious issue providing it is caught early enough.  Eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts can also be caught.  As with most medical conditions the earlier they are caught the quicker and more effectively they can be treated.

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Visual Aids and Eye Surgery

Visual aids and/or eye surgery can also be implemented to preserve eye health after a professional eye examination.  Eyesight deteriorates as we get older, and early detection means you can have the right visual aid or eye surgery to help you see at 20/20.

Diet and Eye Health

Though not many make the connection, diet is crucial to eye health.  Diabetes is the biggest cause of blindness in the UK so having a healthy diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, and low fat foods is a win-win scenario for our eyes.

Family History and Eye Health

A clue to the future of your eyesight could be revealed by looking at your family history.  When exploring any eye conditions that may exist in your family, take diabetes into account.

Work and Eye Health

If you work in an environment that is harmful to your eyesight your employer should provide adequate protection against damage to your eyes.  This normally includes protective clothing and having control measures in place to remove risks.

Cleanliness and Eye Health

Always ensure your hands are clean before rubbing your eyes.  Infection can be carried by foreign bodies very easily via your fingers.  This is especially important if you wear contact lenses.

Protect your Eyes from the Sun

Most people know the sun can damage our eyes but not all of us own a good pair of sunglasses.  Buy yourself a good pair with advice from your optometrist to ensure the Ultraviolet rays do not damage your eyesight.

Smoking and Eye Health

Smoking damages your eyes as well as your lungs, heart, arteries, and all the rest of it.  The smoke weakens the integrity of your eyes and as such makes your eyes more prone to disease.

Rest your Eyes

Too much time spent looking at LCD screens or doing close work places considerable strain on your eyes.  Try and take breaks to give your eyes time to recover.

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