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Technology and Results – not just the best laser eye surgery clinic

As one of the UK’s leading independent laser eye surgery clinic, Advanced Vision Care not only uses world renowned surgeons for its operations but we are also known for adapting new technology and have established ourselves as a centre of excellence.

With more than 70 years of experience between them, our surgeons are respected by their fellow eye surgeons for their experience and skills and their willingness to take up new laser eye surgery techniques.

This investment in new technology and training the staff means that Advanced Vision Care not only offers the very best in laser eye surgery but also have the most modern clinic that is available.

Laser eye surgery technology and skills

The desire by the surgeons at Advanced Vision Care to learn new skills and techniques is to be applauded and helps them deliver incredibly high levels of success and improves the after-care process.

Essentially, it is this commitment to developing skills and technology which helps set Advanced Vision Care apart from its competitors, particularly those eye treatment clinics that are found on the High Street.

Eyesight is a precious sense for us all and patients should not be choosing their laser eye surgeon on the basis of cost; instead, they should be looking at the surgeon’s experience, the technology used in the clinic and how they will be cared for after surgery.
By using the best experienced eye surgeons, you can put your trust in their abilities and appreciate that their skills are being used to influence other laser eye surgeons which is why Advanced Vision Care is a centre of excellence for the high levels of surgery carried out.

This experience also extends to the non-laser eye procedures carried out by the team which consists of Mr CT Pillai, a world-renowned refractive surgeon; Dr Goran Helgason, a pioneering implantable contact lens surgeon and Professor Martin Filipec, who is increasingly in demand to teach his surgery skills in implantable contact lens, lens exchange and cataracts to others.

Advanced Vision Care is one of the very few clinics that offers bespoke solution for vision correction for various complicated prescriptions and they also offer non-laser treatments such as implantable contact lenses, lens exchange, cross linking and INTACS for Keratoconus.

Unlike other eye surgery clinics, Advanced Vision Care is not “a one stop laser shop”.

World-renowned laser eye surgeons

The entire team at Advanced Vision Care is dedicated to delivering the very best in patient care which also helps sets this Harley Street-based clinic apart from its competitors.

Patients looking for laser eye surgery or any form of vision correction should be reassured that at every level of their care, from their first consultation right through to their final after-care check-up appointment, they are being treated by the very best people available.

There’s no doubt that potential clients can find cheap laser eye surgery elsewhere but they will not have the comfort of knowing they are being operated on by the very best eye surgeons held in high regard by their peers around the world.

And that they are using the most recent technology to carry out what is a vital and delicate operation in the best environment. This is something else that competitors do not always invest in, whereas Advanced Vision Care continually invests in the very best hardware and technology for its patients.

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