Why Consider Permanent Contact Lenses?

Why Consider Permanent Contact Lenses? Immaculate New Technology & a Frightful Survey about Eye Diseases for Contact Lens Wearers!

Wearing contact lenses on a day to day basis can be a cumbersome and trudging chore – at best. At worse, it can be a life changing burden, with many activities and lifestyles becoming either hampered or downright impossible. Just ask anyone who plays contact sports or fancies some underwater diving. So, why consider permanent contact lenses?
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Permanent Contact Lenses

Permanent Contact Lenses – Where Future Meets Reality

At the turn of the century, it may have been something confined to the figment of a science fiction writers imagination. The ability to quickly and comfortably fit ultra-thin permanent contact lenses to a patient’s eye, with the effect of providing perfect vision – and permanently. Today, however, permanent contact lenses (also known as implantable contact lenses) are a reality,
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