New Year, New You – Time to Ditch your Specs!

For many of us, getting up on a morning and popping in contact lenses or hunting around for our glasses has become a part of our everyday routine. Then there’s the hassle of having to get your glasses replaced when you lose them or have to update your prescription, not to mention the late night trip to the mirror to awkwardly remove your contact lenses before sleep.
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brown eyes

Beauty, Fashion and Laser Eye Surgery

You may ask “what has beauty and fashion got to do with laser eye surgery?” but in fact, for many fashionistas, the need to wear glasses is a real dilemma when choosing an outfit every day. Some high profile glasses wearers, such as Gok Wan, become known for their glasses and even bring out their own range of frames –
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Paul Brumpton

It was something I had been thinking about for a while and I decided to come to AVC for a consultation to see if I was suitable. Generally it was a very good experience. I was quite nervous about possible complications but my queries were dealt with in a very professional way. The level of service was exemplary.
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