short and long sighted astigmatism

Laser eye surgery and astigmatism

Many people will have heard of the term astigmatism, but few will really understand what it means. Those who have been diagnosed with astigmatism may think that they can no longer benefit from laser eye surgery, and that they have an incurable disease. In reality, astigmatism is simply just a way of describing a type of vision and should not prevent people from going for treatments such as laser eye surgery in any way.
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mplantable Contact Lenses Transform Caroline’s Life

Implantable Lenses Transform Caroline’s Life

Mum and housewife, Caroline McKenna, from the Isle of Dogs was another of the Dream Makeover Essex winners who’s life has been transformed by treatment at Advanced Vision Care. Caroline had pioneering ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) treatment, which is the perfect answer for those patients whose eyes are not suitable for laser correction. It can correct very high short and long sight and astigmatism,
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Laser Eye Surgery

Monique Kox

I’ve checked out various clinics over the internet and ended up choosing Advanced Vision Care. The main reason was the excellent initial consultation – staff were very helpful and everything was explained in great detail, with ample time to address any questions. I went from -9.75 with astigmatism to 20/20 vision, which is unbelievable. Every day it still feels too good to be true!
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