Mothers Day: Give your Mum the chance of 20/20 Vision without glasses or contact lenses

Give your Mum the chance of 20/20 Vision without glasses or contact lenses

Use Our Eye Surgery Referral Programme to Give the Perfect Gift Mother’s Day is fast approaching and though traditional presents such as flowers and chocolates are great, there is a time to take things up a level. If your mum wears glasses or contact lenses on a regular basis, she probably longs for perfect vision.
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iris recognition technology

High Tech Sights

We all need our vision to use the high technologies at our fingertips these days. It's like the point in the past when personal cassette players, then iPods, became enormously popular; people began using earbuds too much and hearing became a new tech issue. Eyesight, of course, with all the emphasis that we place on seeing screens,
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vision correction treatments

Paul Machon

I am 51 years old and before the treatment was short sighted and also needed reading glasses. There are 2 reasons I decided to have the treatment, firstly I had to have two pairs of glasses which was a nuisance. Secondly I ride motorcycles as a hobby and used contact lenses which were okay for distance but no good for near vision i.e.
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Laser Eye Surgery

Monique Kox

I’ve checked out various clinics over the internet and ended up choosing Advanced Vision Care. The main reason was the excellent initial consultation – staff were very helpful and everything was explained in great detail, with ample time to address any questions. I went from -9.75 with astigmatism to 20/20 vision, which is unbelievable. Every day it still feels too good to be true!
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Paul Brumpton

It was something I had been thinking about for a while and I decided to come to AVC for a consultation to see if I was suitable. Generally it was a very good experience. I was quite nervous about possible complications but my queries were dealt with in a very professional way. The level of service was exemplary.
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