eye surgeon

Sue Bennett

I have been wearing glasses for 20 years and soft contact lenses. Over the past few years I have suffered eye problems due to prolonged use of contact lenses and dry eyes. This has been a pain as I do a lot of active sports which are difficult to do wearing glasses. I first thought about Laser surgery 5 years ago and visited a few clinics for advice. I felt like a number and asked to meet the surgeons but this wasn’t possible. After getting an ulcer in my eye I then visited my local consultant ophthalmic surgeon who recommended me to Mr Pillai and his team. The service was excellent and I felt at ease and trusted them. I was very nervous on the day of the surgery but I can honestly say that I felt no pain or discomfort and in less than 24hours I had 20/20 vision. My confidence has increased and I feel like a new person!

Thank you so much and I just wish I had come to AVC years ago! Best wishes

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