Advanced wavefront laser eye technology

Advanced laser eye surgery software takes the information generated by the Orbscan llz and Zywave Aberrometer to generate a unique personalised treatment. The laser is computer controlled and shapes the eye according to the specific wavefront map to correct your specific higher order aberrations.

Wavefront Assisted Laser Eye Treatment Benefits

Benefits of wavefront assisted laser eye treatment are:
Advanced wavefront laser eye technology

  • Less corneal tissue is removed during treatment. This means that more patients with thinner corneas may be able to be treated than with standard LASIK laser eye surgery
  • Patients experience a higher quality of vision than with standard LASIK laser eye surgery. For example, contrast (black on white) is more defined than with standard LASIK and patients may experience better vision in poor lighting
  • The recovery time to good vision is often more rapid than with standard LASIK laser eye treatment

AVC’s Zyoptix system uses the latest version of the Technolas Perfect Vision z100 laser. This laser has been specifically designed for customised laser eye treatments with special functions to ensure accuracy and safety during treatment.

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