RLE & Cataracts Technology

Advanced Vision care uses the very latest, cutting edge Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) and Cataract technology. This includes:

The Alcon Refractive Suite

AVC is at the forefront of Cataract and Clear Lens Exchange treatments, treating patients in our Alcon Refractive Suite, which is the safest and most advanced Cataract/Lens Exchange suite in the UK.

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The VERION Image Guided System

This is used to capture a digital reference image of the eye during the initial assessment which is used to create a surgical plan. This equipment is also used throughout the treatment allowing the surgeon to see all incisions and alignments in real time, improving accuracy and minimizing errors especially whilst correcting an astigmatism.

RLE and Cataracts Technology - The VERION Image Guided System

The Centurion Vision System

CLE and Cataracts Technology - centurion vision systemAVC is the first clinic in the UK to have this equipment and it is the newest phacoemulsification system available (this breaks up and removes the natural lens). It allows for smaller incisions and is able to optimize every phase of the lens removal. The device also controls the intra-ocular pressure throughout the treatment and enhances the control of the surgeon, consequently improving the patient’s outcome and accelerating the recovery process.


The Lux-OR LX3 with Q-VUE Ophthalmic Microscope

CLE and Cataracts Technology - ophthalmic microscopeIt is designed to provide superior visualisation throughout the surgical procedure. It is able to expand the visual field with a highly stable 6x greater red reflex zone, providing excellent visual detail with superior visualisation of the retina.





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