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At Advanced Vision Care we believe that the best establishments are built upon community. We are an independent clinic with a global reputation as a clinic of excellence thanks to our patients travelling across the world to have treatment with us.

Now that you have seen the benefits of excellent natural vision why not share this with your loved ones. For actively referring members of our community, we have designed the most rewarding referral package available in the industry as a special thank you.

Benefits of AVC’s Refer a Friend Programme

Benefits for you:

  • £100 for each person you refer that has treatment with us
  • No upper limit to how many people you can refer

Benefits for those you refer:

  • £250 off treatment (£125 per eye treated)
  • The discount applies to our full list of treatments
  • Free newsletter sign up with industry updates and exclusive offers

Ways to Refer

There are four simple ways that you can refer and we will do the rest. Please make sure that you have your friend’s permission to give out their details.

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By Online Form

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By Email

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By Telephone

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In Person

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A family’s journey to better vision

Jean Caruso

AVC's refer a friend programmeI started wearing glasses to correct my short-sighted vision when I was about 8.

I started wearing contact lenses from the age of 17. I’ve tried them all. My first contact lenses were put in a container overnight and into a special unit that you plugged in and it sterilised them. I went on to have gas permeable, extended wear, monthly, two weekly and finally daily.

My Optician gave me the best vision he could, corrected my daily lenses to enable me to read, drive and do my job which involves the use of a computer all day. I have an astigmatism in my left eye and then, a few years ago, I developed age-related presbyopia. I was wearing my lenses from 7am til late and my eyes had started to get very dry.

It was very tiring to have to think if I went swimming, stayed over at a friend’s, and went on holiday that I needed to remember my spare contact lenses. My glasses were rarely worn, being over 15 years old, and I was very reluctant to buy any new glasses as I have never liked wearing glasses. I have always trusted my Optician with my eyes and a few years ago he recommended AVC. I nearly picked up the phone on a few occasions to book a consultation but was apprehensive and nervous.

However, my niece took the plunge in October 2013 to correct her short sighted vision and had Implantable Contact Lenses. She had a very high prescription and was not suitable for laser surgery. My Daughter then decided to have Laser Eye Surgery to correct her short-sighted vision in November 2013.

This spurred me on and I made that initial phone call. AVC have been fantastic with their knowledge and understanding of the different options available to me. I had my operation in February 2014.

With the guidance of Dr Pillai, I chose to have RLE – multifocal lenses. I was looked after and kept fully informed of what would happen during the whole process. My surgeon Dr Goran Helgason was friendly and calming; I actually jumped off the bed after the second eye had been operated on and gave him a hug.

The operation has changed my life! Waking up in the night and morning and being able to see, swimming and not worrying about losing a lens, staying overnight without worrying about packing lenses and glasses. Looking after my 2 year old grandson overnight does not pose any problems now, if he wakes up I can see him! How I wish this procedure had been available when my children were born.

As our visual requirements were all different what more can I say – AVC offer bespoke procedures and I would highly recommend them.

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Refer Your Friend

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