Problems with night vision after Laser eye surgery?

Possible night vision side effects that sometimes develop after having Laser eye surgery include glare and haloes which can may make night driving difficult.
Bear in mind it is not uncommon for patients to experience temporary night vision problems after Lasik which occasionally lasts for days or even weeks. This temporary side effect, which results from normal post-operative corneal swelling is very normal and in the vast majority of cases will disappear in time.

Post laser eye surgery night vision problems which continue for longer may be due to the following:

1. Corneal flap complications: On occasion the flap produced in LASIK eye surgery does not adhere correctly to the eye after it is put back in place. This can cause light entering the eye to bend irregularly causing night vision disturbance.

2. Residual refractive error: This refers to post-operative uncorrected visual error.

3. Pupil Enlargement: In certain conditions after Lasik your pupil diameter increases such that it is larger than the actual treatment zone. Because your eye pupil naturally widens in low light, the effects are more noticeable at night.

At AVC we achieve outstanding results and the possibilities of night vision glare and other side effects are substantially reduced because of thorough pre-operative checks and because we use only the latest laser eye surgery technology. (Link to technology details?)

We pride ourselves on our excellent standard of patient care and our world renowned surgeon’s surgical expertise consistently delivers outstanding visual outcomes.
You really couldn’t be in safer hands and the possibilities of any post-surgical complications are kept to the absolute minimum.

Call us today for further information about the treatments we offer and to discuss any concerns you may have. If you proceed to a suitability consultation your surgeon will be able to asses any possible risks and fine tune your laser eye surgery procedure to mitigate the best possible results.

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