AVC Open Evenings

There are many patients’ that are unhappy with their glasses and contact lenses, feeling that they are unable to meet their recreational and lifestyle needs. These patients’ often elect not to wear any visual aids during certain activities leading them to compromise and live with the disability of poor vision. As an optometrist, it’s your responsibility to make sure your patients’ are happy, which can sometimes be helping them free themselves from visual aids. AVC offer open evenings that will educate any patients’ contemplating vision correction treatment to ensure they make an informed decision.

We ensure that your practice benefits from our open evenings and will spend up to £500 on advertising which will have the added benefit of making the local community more aware of your practice. If you would like to arrange an open evening, please email (info@advancedvisioncare.co.uk) or call AVC on 0207 935 7497.

open evenings at AVC