Laser Monovision

laser monovision
It does not have to be so restrictive. Practitioners often think of laser monovision for their contact lens patients and the same can easily be considered for a presbyopic patient wanting to have refractive surgery but may not want to have clear lens exchange treatment. There are plenty of people currently in monovision correction that may be becoming tired of their contact lenses for one reason or another. These patients are easily treated with laser as we already know they are well adapted.

There are numerous spectacle wearers that are fed up with spectacles. Monovision can be a great solution for those patients that are not suitable for multifocal IOLs. Consider those with great distance vision who are constantly frustrated with reading spectacles. They may only need one eye treated or myopes that may only need to laser to correct one eye for the distance. This solution can be versatile.

It’s easy to check if any patient will be suitable for laser monovision, trial them with contact lenses. See how they adapt, best to give it 2-4 weeks and, all being good, send them over to us on Harley Street and we can check if their eyes are suitable for surgery.

So next time you see a patient already in monovision for a contact lens aftercare complaining of reduced wearing time in their contact lenses think of laser treatment. It may be the best advice their have ever received and will thank you for it.

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