Laser Eye Surgery Technology

Advanced Vision Care is the only clinic that uses the very latest, cutting edge laser eye surgery technology in all of our treatments:

Advanced Wavefront

advanced wavefront laser eye surgery technology
The Bausch & Lomb Zywave Aberrometer meticulously measures the prescription and imperfections (aberrations) of the eye. It does this by passing a beam along 9000 points of the cornea to the retina and calculates the required refractive errors in these exact locations. This data creates a refractive and aberrations profile of each pupil.

The Zywave Aberrometer then uses the Zernike algorithm to mathematically reconstruct the wavefront. As the Zywave measures total wavefront aberrations and mathematically represents them up to the 5th order Zernike terms, not just limited to sphere and cylinder (used for glasses and contact lens prescriptions). This data, combined with the many tests performed at your consultation, is used to create a truly personalised treatment plan.

Advanced Control Eye (ACE) Tracking System

advanced eye control tracking systemDuring the consultation the Zyoptic system scans and maps the entire iris of each eye. Like finger prints, no two irises are the same and a unique digital Zy-ID is generated for each eye. It is this map that forms the foundation from which the multi-dimensional eye tracker operates.

Throughout the procedure the Advanced Control Eye-tracking (ACE) system is used, this is a 3 dimensional eye tracker which will guide the laser during the treatment by tracking and mirroring the movement of the eye. If there is too much movement the laser will shut off.

Before treatment can begin the ACE system has to first recognise the unique Zy-ID for the eye being treated. This ensures the treatment profiles are always associated with the correct patient and the correct eye of the patient.

Intralase Laser

Intralase has revolutionised Laser surgery by making the creation of the flap even safer and, consequently, has improved the precision, recovery time and the quality of vision achieved.

intralase laserIntralase is a femtosecond laser that uses tiny, rapid pulses of harmless light to create a corneal flap, instead of using a blade. Each pulse of light passes through the top layers of the cornea and forms a microscopic bubble at a specific depth and position within the eye that is determined by the personalised treatment plan.

The Intralase laser moves back and forth across the eye, creating a uniform layer of bubbles of carbon dioxide and water vapour. These bubbles are precisely positioned to define the flap’s dimensions and hinge location. These bubbles expand to push the cells apart allowing the flap to be gently lifted and rested.

Intralase is able to create extremely precise corneal flaps that are stronger and thinner which consequently boosts the recovery time.

The corneal flap creation only takes 15 to 20 seconds. Once complete the flap can then be gently lifted and easily separated where these bubbles have formed to expose the area of the cornea that will be treated.

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Technolas Z100 Laser by Bausch and Lomb

excimer laserAt Advanced Vision Care we only use the most advanced laser eye surgery technology and the Bausch & Lomb Technolas Z100 is the best excimer laser available and provides the best outcomes.

The Advanced Wavefront map and the personalised treatment plan is used by the excimer laser to treat each eye individually. The Technolas Z100 transmits spots of laser energy beam 2mm in diameter. The tiny flat top beam produces smooth-blending profiles which removes the irregularities (aberrations) that form a prescription and reduces the chance of regression and night vision problems.