Staff and personnel are one of a company’s biggest assets, and in an arena where maintaining a competitive advantage is key, staff retention and motivation has become crucial. This is why companies allow employees to work from home, develop team building activities, and even go as far as having gyms and day care centres on their premises.

Showing your staff that you are concerned about their well being will increase motivation and productivity, which will in turn improve your bottom line, and please your shareholders. A real win-win situation.

Our Laser Eye Surgery Corporate Discount Scheme allows businesses to go the extra mile to ensure that staff motivation and productivity are taken to new heights.

Our  corporate plan has been designed to add value to health benefits that companies already give their staff and ensures that employees with problem vision get the corrective treatment that they deserve.

For HR & Directors

By joining our corporate scheme, your employees can enjoy the benefits of expert laser eye surgery at affordable prices. Additional corporate services that AVC provide will include:

  • Free, no obligation, consultations
  • Flexible appointments to suit work schedules
  • Surgeries performed over the weekend –, so no disruption to work schedules
  • Competitive prices, with no hidden extras,  and interest free credit

Request a brochure to find out more about the corrective eye treatments offered, at Advanced Vision Care’s Harley Street clinic. For information on prices, the latest corporate offers or to book a consultation simply call our friendly support team on 0207 7935 7497.

For Staff & Personnel

For many people,  wearing glasses and contact lenses are an inconvenience, and depending on lifestyle, can prevent them from doing activities that they enjoy. The benefits of laser and non laser surgery, other than the outstanding results that they achieve, are numerous:

  • World renowned surgeons who are leaders in their respective fields
  • The UK’s only transparent operating theatre
  • Bespoke service and treatments: Innovative technologies insure that patients receive treatment that has been tailored to suit their individual needs
  • Treatments are performed in under an hour and patients leave the clinic on the same day
  • One night’s free accommodation at a luxury hotel for out-of-town patients and their companions
  • Recovery times are quick and patients can usually return to work in 48 hours
  • AVC offers nationwide aftercare: Employees who live/work outside London can receive the best aftercare from a network of highly experienced optometrists without  having to disrupt their work schedules
  • Lifetime patient post-operative care

If your company demands high standards from it’s employees, justify those standards by offering them the best benefits in return – there is no greater benefit than improved sight and corrected vision.

Emergency Services

If you belong to one of the services listed below you may qualify for a reduced treatment price:

  • Armed Forces
  • Police Force
  • Fire & Rescue Service
  • NHS – Nurses and Paramedics

There are continuing changes in recruitment policy regarding vision requirements and it is important you check these and confirm in writing prior to eye treatment.

To discuss your prescription and requirements in more detail with a member of the clinical team or for further information on our exclusive prices for members of the emergency services, please call us today on 020 7935 7497.

Book Your Consultation

To book your consultation, call us now on 020 7935 7497 or email info@advancedvisioncare.co.uk.