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What is an Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) treatment?

Advanced Vision Care is a world leader in implantable contact lens (ICL) treatment.

An Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is a small intraocular collamer lens that is implanted in the anterior chamber which is situated between the iris (the coloured part of the eye) and the natural crystalline lens meaning that it is not visible.

These lenses function in the same way as glasses and contact lenses by changing the way light is focused on to the retina. implantable contact lensICL is used to treat individuals that have been found unsuitable for Laser treatment either due to their prescription or corneal thickness.

It is a reversible procedure and is often chosen over Laser treatment as there is no permanent modification of the cornea. ICL is able to correct prescriptions up to: -24 DS (short sight) +12 DS (long sight) -7 DC (astigmatism).

There are different lenses available to correct a range of prescriptions:

  • Simple Lens: Long or short sight Myopic Toric Lens
  • Short sight with an astigmatism Hyperopic
  • Toric Lens Long sight with an astigmatism

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The first ICL was implanted in 1993. It is the world’s fastest growing surgical procedure for vision correction, with one Visian ICL being implanted every 6 minutes around the world.

  • AVC are one of the leading providers of ICL in UK, implanting the highest numbers per year.
  • AVC surgeons are pioneers and international trainers for Visian ICL.
  • Over 500,000 procedures have been performed worldwide.
  • Used to treat patients that are not suitable for Laser treatment or for suffers of Keratoconus.
  • A 20 year proven track record.
  • AVC were the first clinic in the UK to implant the hyperopic toric ICL (long sight with an astigmatism)
  • Reversible and cosmetically better.
  • FDA approved and used by the US military for the last 10 years.
  • Corrects short sight, long sight and astigmatisms.

What is Visian ICL?

There are a few different types of ICL treatments and AVC are the pioneers of Visian ICL, which is the most advanced form of ICL treatment.

Unlike other types of ICL, Visian ICL is FDA approved and has a proven safety record. With Visian ICL, the lens is inserted in the anterior chamber instead of being iris-fixated or supported in front of the iris like other types of ICL.

This positioning of the lens means that the lens cannot be seen and eliminates the risk of scarring and endothelial cell loss, making it the safest and convenient type of ICL treatment.

Your 3 Step Personal Treatment Plan

Our 5 star treatment is all about what is best for you


Step 1: Your Consultation

At your detailed consultation, we will carry out a thorough range of tests on your eyes to find out if you are suitable and to design the very best treatment plan for you.


Step 2: Your Surgery

With AVC’s world renowned eye surgeons and state of the art technology, you are guaranteed to experience surgery that is second to none.


Step 3: Lifetime Aftercare

Our commitment to excellence means that AVC guarantees you a Lifetime Commitment of Care that starts the day after your surgery is completed.

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    Implantable Contact Lenses

    At Advanced Vision Care, we take your treatment as our top priority and we deliver implantable contact lenses like no other in the world

Why choose Advanced Vision Care?

  • We are one of the leading providers in ICL treatment in UK and Ireland, implanting highest numbers of lenses per year.
  • Independent clinic surgeon lead clinic, driven by results and patient satisfaction.
  • First and only clinic in the UK to have the latest technology in lens implant treatment; The Alcon Refractive Suite.
  • Our non-laser surgeons are pioneers and international trainers for ICL surgery.
  • Dr Goran Helgason, one our ICL surgeons, is a testament to the effectiveness of ICL having had ICL implants over 10 years ago.
  • UK’s leading independent vision correction clinic.
  • All appointments from the consultation to treatment and aftercare can all be performed at the AVC clinic on Harley Street.
  • Nationwide independent optometrist network gives our patients’ the choice to have their aftercare check-ups closer to home.
  • To make it easier for patients’ to get the best treatment possible, AVC has partnered with the UK’s leading health insurance providers.
  • AVC offer truly bespoke treatments. We stand out as we are not affiliated with any lens manufacturers or paid consultants.
  • We are completely independent, consequently we are able to use the best lenses suited to each patient.
  • We are leading providers of implantable contact lenses.

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Now more people than ever can have the world class treatment with Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street. Our pricing is not only transparent but we have ensured that there are several ways to fund treatment so that no one has to compromise in quality of care, standards or technology. At AVC we offer interest free finance plans to help spread the cost and we have partnered with the UK’s leading insurance providers to make Harley Street quality available for more people.

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