Your outcome is only as good as your laser eye surgeons

I had done a lot of research on laser eye surgery and clinics in England and the US – I wanted the best laser eye surgeon I could find. After meeting with Dr Pillai and his team at AVC I immediately knew I had come to the right place. The quality of care is first rate, Dr Pillai’s experience is profound and his knowledge of his field is highly reassuring.

Hari Dhillon, Actor (Holby City)

When you take the decision to have laser eye surgery, the single most important thing to consider is the skill and expertise of your eye surgeon. Only the most highly qualified and experienced surgeon is able to achieve the very best results that you both want and deserve.

AVC’s Laser Eye Surgeons

We know that our surgical team, based in London’s Harley Street, offers an incomparable level of professional care.

You couldn’t put your eyesight in safer hands.

laser eye surgeons
Expert laser eye surgeons

Our laser eye surgeons have dedicated their professional lives to being the very best in their field. Dr CT Pillai, Dr. G. Helgason and Prof. M. Filipec are all widely regarded as leaders in eye surgery and have, collectively, more than seventy-five years experience in this field.

Our patients tell us that the primary reason why they chose Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street was because they were in no doubt that they would be treated by the world’s most highly skilled eye surgeons.

AVC Medical Director, Dr CT Pillai

Dr CT Pillai, MD DO, FRCS (Edin), FRCOpth (UK)

Considered to be one of the world’s elite laser eye surgeons, his expertise and knowledge of the field is second to none and sets a standard that is unrivalled by other clinics.

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eye surgeon Dr Goran Helgason MD

Dr Goran Helgason, MD

In demand all over the world as a course instructor for implantable contact lens surgery and technology. He is internationally recognised as a leading expert in this field.

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eye surgeon Dr Martin Filipec MD

Professor Martin Filipec, MD, CSc

A leading ophthalmologist with an international reputation built on more than 25 years as a laser eye surgeon. After studying, he moved to Harvard where he qualified and was offered a professorship.

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