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Does insurance cover the cost of LASIK laser eye surgery?

Despite growing in popularity, insurance cover will not stretch to the cost of LASIK laser eye surgery. The main reason for this is that it tends to be an elective procedure which means that an insurance company is under no obligation for picking up the bill. Indeed, many private medical insurance firms will class laser eye surgery as a luxury despite the level of need from the insured. There are certain circumstances under which some insurance firms may pick up the bill and that will include whether the eye problem is the result of an injury being sustained or if the patient is physically unable to wear glasses or contact lenses. It is always worth checking with your insurer as to whether they will pay for your laser eye surgery as not all insurers have the same criteria.

Can I get laser eye surgery on the NHS?

It is also worth checking whether the NHS in your area will offer laser eye surgery and if they do so then it will be under very strict conditions, very much like a medical insurance company would impose. However, here at Advanced Vision Care we have a number of solutions that may help people meet the costs of their laser eye surgery and, if we say so ourselves, the cost of surgery far outweighs the life-changing benefits of having a life that is glasses free. If you were to calculate the cost of contact lenses and glasses over the years you need to wear them, having laser eye treatment will definitely make more financial sense and bring lot of savings in the long run We have regular special offers for LASIK laser eye surgery and we offer a corporate scheme to enable firms to help look after the eye health of their employees, who are their most important resource. See more here ».

Get a discount for your laser eye surgery costs

One of the most important ways to help meet the cost for laser eye surgery is for people to take part in our patient referral scheme. We have countless numbers of people who’ve been very impressed with the care they have received and have been willing to tell friends and family of their experience for a £100 fee as good will When the person being referred goes on to have surgery, and it does not have to be just for laser eye surgery, we will offer a £500 discount. One of the great attractions to the Advanced Vision Care referral scheme is that we do not put a cap on the number of referrals a person can make. That means that someone could be referred, use the £500 discount for laser eye surgery and then go on to refer more friends and family and earn £100 a time for doing so. Find out more here. In addition, we also offer a way for people to spread the cost of their laser eye surgery by using a flexible finance plan with payments being made every month. You can find out more about the Advanced Vision Care finance plan here.

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