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Correcting Prescriptions

Once the progression of Keratoconus has naturally stabilised or has been halted with Collagen Cross Linking, there are treatments available to correct prescriptions caused by the disease but the prescription must be stable. Although not a keratoconus cure as such, if a patient has had Collagen Cross Linking, the prescription can take up to a year for it to be consistently stable.

At AVC we are one of the only clinics in the country that provides total visual rehabilitation and we have a variety of treatments to permanently correct the visual issues caused by Keratoconus.

Once the prescription is stable, the treatment recommended will be determined by a surgeon after comprehensive testing at a consultation. As Keratoconus weakens the structure of the cornea, it is recommended that no further stress is put in the area which is why Keratoconus sufferers are not allowed to undertake laser treatment even if it is stable. However there are three non-laser treatments available to correct the vision: Implantable Contact Lens, Piggy Back lenses and Clear Lens Exchange.

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

correcting prescriptions - implantable contact lensesThis treatment is ideal for sufferers of Keratoconus under the age of 45. ICL is able to correct complex prescriptions with high astigmatisms and is the only vision correction treatment that is reversible. At AVC we are advocates of Visian ICL as it is FDA approved and is proven to be the safest and most convenient form of ICL treatment. It is the world’s fastest growing surgical procedure for vision correction, with one Visian ICL being implanted every 6 minutes around the world.

An Implantable Contact lens is a small intraocular collamer lens that is implanted in the anterior chamber of the eye and functions in the same way as glasses and contact lenses to change the way light is focused on to the retina. The position of the lens means that it cannot be seen and eliminates the risk of scarring and endothelial cell loss as with other types of ICL treatment.

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Clear Lens Exchange (CLE)

correcting prescriptions - clear lens exchangeThis treatment is designed for patients over the age of 45 that have developed a reading prescription and, as there is no limit in the treatable prescription range, it is perfect for Keratoconus sufferers. The procedure involves removing the natural crystalline lens and replacing it with a tailor made intraocular lens (IOL) implant to correct the vision. This procedure eliminates the development of cataracts.

AVC are the leading providers of intra-ocular lenses in the UK and have no affiliation with any manufacturers. For sufferers of Keratoconus, we provide a range of Monofocal lenses that are able to correct complex astigmatisms, leaving patients free from distance glasses and contact lenses. Suitability is determined by a surgeon at the consultation after extensive testing.

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Piggy Back Lenses

correcting prescriptions - piggy back lensesAVC was one of the first eye clinics in the UK to offer Piggy Back intra-ocular Lenses and are leaders in this field. This treatment is for patients with extremely complex prescriptions and corneal abnormalities found in advanced cases of Keratoconus.

Piggy Back Lens treatment is where two different intra-ocular lenses are inserted into the eye, one inside the lens capsule and one in front of it in the posterior sulcus. The Piggy Back lens procedure involves two separate treatments performed a couple of months apart to allow for optimum healing. This treatment can also be used to enhance the vision of patients that have already had cataract surgery.

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  • AVC provide total vision rehabilitation for sufferers of Keratoconus.
  • UK and Ireland’s leaders in ICL and Multifocal/Trifocal IOLs.
  • No affiliation with lens manufacturers and provide the best lens suited to every patients’ needs.
  • AVC has the most advanced non-laser theatre in the UK: The Alcon Refractive Suite.
  • AVC are the leading providers of ICL, treating more patients a year than any other clinic in the UK.
  • Treatments available can permanently correct all ranges of prescriptions.
  • AVC’s two non-laser surgeons are experts with a combined experience of over 50 years.
  • Piggy Back Lenses allows previously unsuitable patients with extreme prescriptions to have a complete correction in prescription.
  • Clear Lens Exchange prevents cataracts developing in the future.