Disadvantages of Wearing Contact Lenses

Possible Disadvantages of Contact Lens Wear

Contact lenses have been worn by millions of people over the last 5 decades with most wearers being very happy with their use. However a small number of people have had difficulty with wearing them and in some cases have had serious eye problems. Most of the complications associated with contact lens wear can be attributed to poor lens hygiene.
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Implantable Contact Lens Treatment - Cassidy Yang

Cassidy Yang

I had implantable contact lens treatment performed in August 2012 and my vision has been perfect ever since. From the first initial contact, everyone at Advanced Vision Care was prompt and friendly. I initially came to Advanced Vision Care seeking advice on lasik eye surgery. After discussing my concerns (as a dry eye patient),
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Tracy Colborne

I decided to have treatment because I had been very short-sighted for years and I hated wearing thick glasses. My experience with AVC was very good. If they can get someone like me through it, they can help anyone! I can see when I wake up and I can swim etc. I also don’t have to worry about eye infections anymore.
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Lucy MacDiarmid

I decided to have the treatment because I had such bad vision (left -10 and right -8). I hated having to rely on glasses/contact lenses to get by. My whole experience with AVC was excellent! From making the first appointment, I was kept informed every step of the way. I cannot believe what a change it has made,
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Margaret Scott

I found the whole experience very re-assuring and good. I contacted the clinic following an article in the Daily Mail about Clear Lens Implants and was very surprised at my consultation to be told I was suitable for laser. Although this gave me the option to get the treatment nearer home I already had confidence in Mr Pillai and his team and wanted to have the procedure in London
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Aaron Mason

I decided to have treatment as an investment to myself and to also remove the tiresome contact lenses/ opticians appointments. My experience with Advanced Vision Care was first class; it was very quiet and calm with a very professional atmosphere, I found the staff super friendly, everything was explained and there were numerous opportunities to ask questions if any doubt was present.
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Lucy North

What I would say is that I had procrastinated about having laser eye surgery for many years, having been put off the idea by friends and general Opticians. I wish I had not taken any notice of them and had had the treatment at least 5 years ago. When I was recommended AVC by my new Opticians in Thrapston,
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Gifford Box

I had Lasik with Wavefront treatment at Advanced Vision Care (AVC) on Harley Street on 11/02/10. I was incredibly nervous about the procedure and wanted to feel comfortable that I understood the risks documented in various materials. All of the staff were very knowledgeable and were able to talk me through the risks in detail,
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Heather Fisher

Pawel and Jaimini impressed me with their excellent levels of service. I decided to have the treatment because the surgeon himself had had it done and it’s something I’ve always wanted to have done. My experience at AVC was really great – very professional, I was made to feel very welcome and relaxed completely with people that are obviously very experienced and good at what they do.
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