Clear Lens Exchange Reviews

Lens Replacement Reviews - Marcus

Lens Replacement Reviews – Marcus

[Advanced Vision Care] ‘has made my eyesight tremendously good so my vision is fantastic now. I am very pleased with it.’ Prior to treatment, Marcus’ vision was ‘very bad’, mainly caused by his Keratoconus – a progressive eye disease where the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape.
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more refractive lens exchange reviews

More Refractive Lens Exchange Reviews

At Advanced Vision Care, our world renowned, elite eye surgeons coupled with the very latest, cutting edge laser technology makes our eye clinic THE leading clinic in Europe. And this is reflected in our incredible results and a track record that is second-to-one. Unsurprisingly, many people choose AVC for their refractive lens exchange treatment (also know as clear lens exchange –
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Keratoconus Treatment Reviews with CLE - Robert & Kathleen

Keratoconus Treatment Reviews with CLE – Robert & Kathleen

Robert suffers from Keratoconus in both eyes; it is more severe in his right eye. In fact, his vision was -17 and -11. Keratoconus is a progressive degenerative disease that causes the cornea to lose stability leading to thinning and bulging into a cone shape consequently weakening the integrity of the cornea. Keratoconus affects one in every 2000 people and the severity varies between individuals.
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Lens Replacement Surgery Reviews – Mike

Lens Replacement Surgery Reviews – Mike

“I had worn glasses since I was about 8 and over a period of years I’ve gone from glasses to contact lenses. The lenses were drying up… total frustration. I wondered whether I would be able to have… lens replacement. And at AVC there didn’t seem to be a problem.” Watch Michael’s review of his Lens Replacement Surgery with Trifocal IOLs on both eyes at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London.
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CLE Reviews - Vlad

CLE Reviews – Vlad

“Terrible eyesight… Blind as the proverbial bat” Vlad reviews his CLE treatment (Clear Lens Exchange) at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street. He had always experienced problems with his eyes since his late teens, like many people relying on contact lenses and glasses. But he was fed up with the cost and all-round hassle of contact lenses and glasses.
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Refractive Lens Exchange Reviews - Lynn

Refractive Lens Exchange Reviews – Lynn

Lynn reviews her Refractive Lens Exchange treatment with Professor Martin Filipec at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street. She has always wanted vision correction treatment and, following her optometrist’s advice and the fact that she was not suitable for LASIK laser eye surgery, Lynn decided to undergo Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) as this was the treatment that was best suited to her prescription.
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clear lens exchange review: jocelyn

Jocelyn – Overjoyed with Clear Lens Exchange

Professional pianist and teacher Jocelyn Longworth is overjoyed with her Clear Lens Exchange treatment at AVC on Harley Street. She was already very familiar with AVC and our world class surgeons and technology. Now that she has reached 70 years old, Jocelyn decided to return to AVC and booked a consultation with Dr Pillai.
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