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More Implantable Contact Lens Reviews

More Implantable Contact Lens Reviews

Our Harley Street eye clinic is one of Europe’s leading vision correction treatment centres. Patients come to Advanced Vision Care confident that they will enjoy the very best treatment from our highly experienced, world renowned surgeons complemented by the very latest cutting edge technology and the highest possible level of care.
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Lens Replacement Reviews - Marcus

Lens Replacement Reviews – Marcus

[Advanced Vision Care] ‘has made my eyesight tremendously good so my vision is fantastic now. I am very pleased with it.’ Prior to treatment, Marcus’ vision was ‘very bad’, mainly caused by his Keratoconus – a progressive eye disease where the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape.
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Laser Eye Surgery Partner Reviews - Eyesite Group

Laser Eye Surgery Partner Reviews – Eyesite Group

“I found [AVC] fantastic. And after putting my sister and other members of staff through the clinic, we soon realised that the best people to partner with in terms of laser eye surgery was Advanced Vision Care.” David is Managing Director of the Eyesite Group, an independent optical group with branches across the South of England.
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more refractive lens exchange reviews

More Refractive Lens Exchange Reviews

At Advanced Vision Care, our world renowned, elite eye surgeons coupled with the very latest, cutting edge laser technology makes our eye clinic THE leading clinic in Europe. And this is reflected in our incredible results and a track record that is second-to-one. Unsurprisingly, many people choose AVC for their refractive lens exchange treatment (also know as clear lens exchange –
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Keratoconus Treatment Reviews with CLE - Robert & Kathleen

Keratoconus Treatment Reviews with CLE – Robert & Kathleen

Robert suffers from Keratoconus in both eyes; it is more severe in his right eye. In fact, his vision was -17 and -11. Keratoconus is a progressive degenerative disease that causes the cornea to lose stability leading to thinning and bulging into a cone shape consequently weakening the integrity of the cornea. Keratoconus affects one in every 2000 people and the severity varies between individuals.
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Laser Eye Surgery Reviews - Paul

Laser Eye Surgery Review – Paul

“Just do it! It’s worth the money. Before you know it, you are glasses-free.” For Theatre Manager Paul, life was all about wearing glasses. They were a constant necessity, whether he was ‘driving, working… everything. I needed them all the time’. Those vision accessories had really become a burden, to say the least.
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LASIK Eye Surgery Reviews - Marcus

LASIK Eye Surgery Reviews – Marcus

“It was more exciting then nerve-wracking! It was great… and I now consider myself as glasses free.” Watch Marcus’s review of his LASIK Eye Surgery on both eyes at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London. Marcus was uncomfortable and totally fed up with his ‘magnifying type’
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