New Technology

alcon suite

Alcon Suite: 300 eyes and counting

Our Alcon non-laser refractive suite has now performed surgery on 300 eyes! We announced the launch of our new Alcon suite in August 2015 and since its opening all our intraocular implant procedures are carried out at our Harley Street clinic. We have now successfully treated 300 eyes, and we are delighted with the outstanding results we are achieving with our state of the art Alcon refractive suite.
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How New Technology Means More Effective Cataract Surgery

How will new technological improvements lead to safer and more effective cataract surgery?

Cataracts affect thousands of people all over the world. They are one of the natural side-effects of getting older, but left untreated they can prove increasingly problematic as far as your sight is concerned, potentially leading to blindness. When it comes to treatment, the most common procedure is to emulsify the hardened lens using a tiny ultrasound probe so it can be broken up and extracted with a tiny vacuum.
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orbscan technology

The Orbscan Topographer: What it is and Does

As well as having a cool sounding name, the Orbscan Topographer is a cutting edge eye mapping instrument. It allows talented eye surgeons to carry out complex eye procedures. A key aspect of any eye procedure is to be able to map parts of the eye on computer. The Orbscan Topographer provides the most highly detailed cornea eye map in the business.
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Laser Eye Technology and Results – not just the best laser eye surgery clinic

Technology and Results – not just the best laser eye surgery clinic

As one of the UK’s leading independent laser eye surgery clinic, Advanced Vision Care not only uses world renowned eye surgeons for our operations but we are also known for adapting new technology and have established ourselves as a centre of excellence. With more than 70 years of experience between them,
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3D printed glasses - Science fiction brought to life

Science fiction brought to life – 3D printed glasses

Printing in 3D is something which is slowly but surely revolutionising the manufacturing industry. Over the last year there have been many incidents of 3D printing hitting the headlines, such as when Defense Distributed printed the first, working, printed handgun and the story of the potential to print a prosthetic hand in titanium.
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