Implantable Contact Lens

ICL Treatment Can Negate the Possibility of Halos, Glares & Dry Eyes

ICL Treatment Can Negate Possibility of Halos, Glares & Dry Eyes

Laser eye surgery is a proven vision correction treatment, and the choice of millions worldwide. However, in a tiny number of cases, some people can experience some side effects such as halos, glares and dry eyes after undergoing vision correction treatments such LASIK, LASEK or PRK. Dr CT Pillai, AVC’s Medical Director,
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Looking for a permanent Vision Correction solution but want no changes to your cornea, then you can opt for Implantable Contact Lenses

These days, many people are searching for a permanent vision correction treatment to free themselves from prescription glasses and lenses. What stops some people from going ahead with any treatment are their concerns about the permanent change to their cornea as some vision correction treatments, such as Laser Eye Surgery, modify corneas permanently.
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EVO Visian ICL

Advanced Vision Care’s Exclusive Tie Up With EVO Visian ICL

If you’re on the lookout for Implantable Contact Lenses which are both practical and durable enough to withstand the rigours of your travels this summer, then you needn’t look any further than AVC. EVO Visian ICL is now available exclusively from the world leading clinic: Advanced Vision Care. Visian ICL has a well-earned reputation for both reliability and safety,
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implantable contact lenses treatment: charlotte chapman

Charlotte Chapman – Implantable Contact Lens Treatment

Charlotte Chapman had Implantable Contact Lens surgery at Advanced Vision Care. As a form of vision correction prior to her ICL treatment, she wore glasses since the age of four and started wearing contact lenses from fourteen years of age. At AVC, she underwent large number of eye tests to deem suitability for ICL vision correction treatments.
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implantable contact lens treatment review, jenna fox

Jenna Fox – Implantable Contact Lens Review

Jenna Fox, a company director had ICL treatment at Advanced Vision Care. She had been wearing glasses, since the age of nine and later switching to contact lenses. She wished a permanent solution for her vision correction needs. She did lots of research into available vision correction solutions, she approached AVC via telephone and liked the helpful manner of AVC team members.
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implantable contact lens reviews: christine

Implantable Contact Lens Reviews – Christine

Christine is from Manchester and she had ‘Trifocal and Varifocal’ lens implants to correct her vision. The main reason she had vision correction surgery was to get rid of her prescription glasses, as she had too many glasses, a pair for work, spare glasses in her car and others, while her husband resented to so many prescription glasses floating around.
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