A Brief History Of Cataract Surgery

A Brief History of Cataract Surgery

Cataracts have been a problem for human beings for a very long time, with rudimentary treatments dating back over 4000 years – the word cataract is actually derived from the latin phrase cataracta which translates to English as ‘waterfall’, perhaps a reference to the white opaque colour. Read on to discover how cataract surgery has evolved from basic procedures into the modern,
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Reality of NHS Cataract Surgery

The Reality of NHS Cataract Surgery

In recent months, the NHS has again been making the news as it has struggled to cope with insufficient funding and the demands of a growing population. Nobody enjoys seeing the NHS reach breaking point or the burden placed upon many magnificent medical staff. The simple fact is that under such pressure, cuts will have to be made in order to preserve front-line emergency services.
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cataract surgery review - lin lawrence

Lin Lawrence explains how her vision got better after cataract surgery with CLE & multi-focal lenses

Lin Lawrence had cataract treatment in both her eyes with clear lens exchange and multi-focal lenses implanted at Advanced Vision Care – the world class eye clinic on Harley Street, London. Before coming to AVC, she had a private consultation with another surgeon who suggested that they would only implant with monofocal lenses.
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cataract surgery review with multifocal lenses

Maureen: Cataract Surgery with Multi-Focal Lenses

Maureen had cataract surgery with Multi-focal lenses at Advanced Vision Care. She describes her vision correction journey in detail. Her ultimate aim was to get clear vision. Maureen had become weary of using vision aides such as prescription glasses on a day to day basis. She initially went to the NHS for cataract removal surgery,
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alcon suite: Cataract and Clear Lens Exchange treatment

Alcon Cataract / Clear Lens Exchange Refractive Suite

The Alcon refractive suite has been heralded as an innovation in Cataract and Clear Lens Exchange treatment. Introducing the AVC Alcon Suite AVC are the first and only clinic to have the Centurion Vision System which is the most advanced, versatile and safest method of phacoemulsification removing all degrees of cataracts and lenses.
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