Case Studies

Corneal Toxic Keratopathy

Case Study – Corneal Toxic Keratopathy (CTK)

Mr M A, a 45 year old managing director wanted to be free of spectacles and contact lenses. He has worn contact lenses for last 13 to 14 years but started having issues when swimming and travelling. He also began to notice changes to his near vision. Initial Examination: The consultation showed the patient to have healthy eyes,
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eye consultation test results

How a Consultation Determines if Vision Correction Surgery is Appropriate

GH consultation case study The following is a case study on one of our patients GH to illustrate how a consultation determines if vision correction surgery is appropriate. Consultations to decide if surgery is appropriate are much more comprehensive than an eye examination. This means we often find conditions that have gone unnoticed throughout a patient’s life even though they have been attending regular eye exams.
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