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Cataract Surgery: The Treatment for Cataracts

Cataracts are a common eye condition among those of us who are older. Age related cataracts are the most frequently occurring form of the condition, though being exposed to toxic substances, medication, and medical conditions, can all be causative factors. You can also be born with it. Cataracts cause our natural eye lens to become misty, impairing our vision.  This visual impairment can be stressful and debilitating. If you have noticed your vision has become cloudy, it is possible you are suffering with a cataract. You should visit your optometrist for confirmation.

A cataract in the eye impacts on various aspects of our lives. Things that we took for granted such as driving, reading, and watching television can be hampered to the point where we cannot enjoy them, and in some cases are dangerous.  Receiving treatment should therefore be a priority.

The next step is to call us to book a consultation regarding suitability for cataract surgery.

Intraocular Lens Exchange

The only viable way to treat cataracts is to undergo surgery.  Cataract surgery using the intraocular lens exchange procedure, replaces our cloudy, misty lens with a biocompatible lens implant.  This allows the light rays which have been blocked by the cataract to reach the retina and subsequently restore our vision.  Cataract surgery is suitable if you are aged 45 years or over.

Unlike most surgery, cataract surgery is relatively straightforward following diagnosis.

The procedure generally follows this pattern:

  • You make an assessment and suitability consultation with one of our expert eye surgeons: Our surgeons are respected among their peer group and have developed eye surgical procedures.
  • Once your cataract condition has been confirmed your suitability for which type of lens replacement is assessed. The personalised and detailed assessment you will undergo prior to your cataract surgery allows us to decide on the type of intraocular lens that is most suitable for your lifestyle. Our surgical recommendation is always explained clearly in full so you will have total confidence that the treatment is suitable for you.
  • Multifocal lenses are often the best choice as they improve distance and near vision.  Many patients have described this as turning the clock back for eyesight.  Multifocal lenses are not always suitable however, in which case a monofocal lenses will be recommended.
  • Monofocal lenses allow us to see objects in the distance.  Should you require or opt for monofocal lenses you will require glasses for close to work.  Nonetheless, you will be free of cataracts and have mist free vision.

On the day of Cataract Surgery

Anaesthetic eye drops are used to numb your eye.  This avoids the need for needles and injections.  Your lens is replaced with one of the lens implants outlined above.  This takes around 30 minutes to do.

“Dr. Goran Helgason and his team of nurses and staff were excellent on the days of my surgery. The procedure itself took a matter of 25 minutes, each, eye, on separate following days and I suffered no pain or discomfort at all during or after treatment.” – Sally White, former patient and clear lens exchange surgery recipient

Following a check up the next day you can leave the clinic.  You return two weeks later to have your other eye treated if needed.

Following various check – ups, each eye will take around three weeks to heal completely.

One former patient, Marilyn Watson, said: “I have been very, very happy with the whole experience with AVC. I admit I was very nervous about having Clear Lens Exchange but am now over the moon – it is one month since my operation. Many thanks to AVC – I can’t think of anything that I would want/expect to change. I can see very well now and it is wonderful to wake up and be able to see clearly.”

To book an assessment consultation for cataract surgery get in touch here.  We take a no-nonsense approach and take the time to answer your questions and go through the procedure thoroughly.  Our surgeons are the finest in the world and we can restore your quality of life in the blink of an eye.

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