Am I Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?

Am I Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?
Many patients ask: Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

As all eyes are unique, each patient we meet here at Advanced Vision Care requires a bespoke treatment. So we offer as wide a range of surgical procedures as possible to provide an excellent service to as many patients as possible. While High Street clinics treat only easy cases to accelerate turnover and increase profits, AVC is one of the few eye clinics in the UK to specialise in complex cases.

Patients regularly come to us after being turned down by other doctors because AVC offers:

  • Treatments for all prescriptions
  • Both laser eye surgery and non-laser surgeries
  • Cutting-edge technologies not offered elsewhere, including Advanced Wavefront Intralase with the Zyoptix System
  • An elite team of highly specialised eye surgeons, each of whom has more than 25 years experience in their respective field

Are You Suitable? Find Out Now

At AVC, we understand that it can often be confusing working out what vision correction treatment you might be suitable for so we have compiled a quick test to help. Once you complete it, a dedicated patient coordinator will contact you and diligently explain what treatment may suit your visual and lifestyle needs.

For a definitive answer regarding suitability, you must attend a comprehensive consultation with AVC’s Medical Director and lead surgeon Dr CT Pillai.

Why not find out if you are suitable today:

1. What visual problem do you have (required)?

2. What visual aids do you use (required)?

3. If you wear contact lenses, how long do you wear them for (required)?

4. Please provide your prescription?

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5. How old are you (required)?

6. Do you wear reading glasses or varifocals?

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7. Do you want to be free from reading glasses (required)?

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8. What activities do you do regularly (required)?

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9. What is your occupation?

10. Do you have any medical problems (required)?

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If Yes, please indicate what problems you have below:

 Diabetes Glaucoma Keratoconus Macular degeneration Auto immune disease Epilepsy Other

At AVC we are a surgeon-led independent clinic that provides total visual rehabilitation. We are committed to providing unparallelled patient care and outstanding results. Find out how we can help you see life the way it’s meant to be seen.

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Procedures for Diverse Needs

At Advanced Vision Care, we adhere to stringent ethical standards by only performing operations whose long-term efficacy has been clinically proven in rigorous scientific studies, and not pushing the boundaries when there are safer non-laser alternatives. So where studies have shown laser surgery to be unsafe and ineffective, like for people with unusually high prescriptions, AVC is one of the few surgical centres to offer a comprehensive range of non-laser treatments to supplement the laser eye treatments we perform. These include:

The NHS only offer patients Monofocal IOL’s (Single Vision Distance Correction)

AVC is one of the few clinics to offer patients a tailor-made treatment and, with Multifocal and Trifocal lenses, the need for reading glasses can also be completely eliminated.

Thanks to our world class surgical team, AVC is also at the forefront of laser eye correction in the UK. We utilise the latest technology to provide two distinct procedures:

  • LASIK laser eye surgery:  As the most common form of laser eye surgery, LASIK is the safest and least invasive method. Perfect for those with short sight, long sight or astigmatism, it is a bladeless procedure that allows patients to recover almost immediately and without discomfort.
  • LASEK laser eye surgery:  For patients who play contact sports or have unusually thin corneas, this procedure leaves more of the cornea intact than laser-only procedures do. Afterward, patients wear a soft disposable contact lens for four days to protect their eyes while the cornea heals.

Common Restrictions

Although we are passionate about correcting the sight of all those we possibly can, AVC neither provides experimental treatments nor operate on those who suffer from conditions that prevent safe and ethical treatment. With this in mind, we are able to treat about 98% of those who come to us for consultation.

Common reasons patients are found unsuitable for treatment include:

  • Age: Patients younger than 21 are ineligible.
  • Pregnancy: Because refractive error often vary during pregnancy
  • Unusually Thin Corneas
  • Unusually Large Pupils
  • Prescription Fluctuation: Those whose prescriptions have changed significantly in the past year should wait until their vision stabilises before undergoing surgery
  • Specific medication
  • Specific health conditions

With the best international surgical team in the UK, our combined expertise in laser and non-laser treatments is without precedent. We take great pride in having the skills to help even those who have been turned down by other clinics. So book a consultation now to learn how Advanced Vision Care can perfect your sight and improve your quality of life today.

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