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Laser Treatments

  • woman after laser eye surgery

    AVC’s gold standard in laser treatments treat a wide range of prescriptions with outstanding results.

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  • dad after clear lens exchange

    ICL treatment is for patients’ with complex prescriptions that cannot be corrected with Laser treatment

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Lens Surgery

  • couple after lens surgery

    CLE will free you from your dependency on visual aids and prevent cataracts development in the future.

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  • couple after cataracts surgery

    Cataract removal and the largest selection in lenses to meet your prescription and lifestyle needs

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  • after keratoconus treatment

    AVC offer total visual rehabilitation for Keratoconus with treatments that halt the disease,

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    Laser Eye Surgery

    At Advanced Vision Care, we take your treatment as our top priority and we deliver laser eye services like no other in the world

Why Advanced Vision Care?

  • First and only clinic in the UK to have the latest and most advanced technology in Cataract surgery, all of which can be found in our Alcon Refractive Suite.
  • Truly bespoke treatments with no hidden restrictions. Advanced Vision Care is one of the only clinics in the country to not have any affiliations with any manufacturers.
  • All appointments from the consultation to treatment and aftercare are all performed at the AVC clinic on Harley Street.
  • Provide all patients with the best possible care, constantly surpassing expectations.
  • Our world class surgeons have over seven decades of combined experience. They include the world renowned Dr CT Pillai, Dr Goran Helgason and Professor Martin Filipec.
  • To make it easier for patients to get the best treatment suited to their needs, AVC has partnered with the UK’s leading health insurance providers.
  • Completely independent and are able to choose the most suitable lenses to fit our patients’ visual and lifestyle needs.
  • AVC has the largest independent optometrist network in the UK, so you can enjoy incredible aftercare at a more convenient location.

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We started the vision correction revolution in the UK and our surgeons are pioneers in ophthalmology. Our popularity has spread around the world via word of mouth alone.

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Your 3 Step Personal Treatment Plan

Our 5 star treatment is all about what is best for you


Step 1: Your Consultation

At your detailed consultation, we will carry out a thorough range of tests on your eyes to find out if you are suitable and to design the very best treatment plan.

your laser eye surgery

Step 2: Your Surgery

With AVC’s world renowned laser eye surgeons and state of the art technology, you are guaranteed to experience surgery that is second to none.


Step 3: Lifetime Aftercare

Our commitment to excellence means that AVC guarantees you a Lifetime Commitment of Care that starts the day after your surgery is completed.

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